I’ve loved Jaguars since I was a boy riding in my grandfather’s XK120.  The XKE was my favorite in my teens and my father was a Jaguar dealer.

The worst experience I had with a Jaguar, or with any car,  was with Classic Showcase. I had them purchase and restore an XKE for me. I’ve been around cars and shops all my life, and I’ve never been as disappointed as I was with Classic Showcase.  Nothing whatsoever happened as they promised. It took longer and cost more than promised. When it was finally delivered, one fender was off color and there was a knock in the engine. I sold it in a couple of months because I was sick every time I looked at it. I disclosed the problems to the buyer and lost more money that I’ve ever lost on a car.

Classic Showcase has a big name in the industry. They have done many cars that sold at auction. The only other person I have talked to who did the same thing I did had a similar experience. I would never buy one of their cars, no matter how shiny it looked on the surface. If you’re thinking of dealing with Classic Showcase, please be careful.






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