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This primary purpose of this website is to store information about, and pictures of, the cars that we’ve accumulated. It changes occasionally when a new one comes and more rarely, when one leaves.  This is not a site for selling cars, more like a family album.

“Shelby Cobra 427…Benchmark, legend, step off point for a thousand stories. The result of taking a car that beat everybody and doubling the power, but also the embodiment of American car culture: crazy ambition plus screw you attitude and a heaping dose of louder-faster-better.  Still the standard by which all supercars are measured.” Road & Track, 51 Coolest Cars Issue

“There is nothing nice about a Cobra. It is stripped down to the essentials- a big engine, a small car, and four wide tires to keep the whole business on the pavement. Its loud, smells like gasoline, and shakes, shudders, and bucks. It makes your arms tired and your feet hot. You nearly crash about once every 10 minutes. Its so damn wonderful that you cant believe it.”  Automobile Magazine

“Some sports cars are admired by a select few who understand exactly what they’re looking at. Others, like this 1965 Shelby Cobra 289, are admired by anyone with a pulse.” Sports Car Digest